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Siggraph 2006
July 28th, 2006

Siggraph is beginning this weekend in Boston. Since 1972 it's been the pentultimate gathering of Digital animation folks to share info, network and go crazy over new innovations. It is a Holy Day of Obligation for all CG geeks, the Eleusinian Mysteries of the Nerb set. I've been to a few and they are a lot of fun. Everyone trying to score admission to the coolest parties and a seat at the Electronic Theater. If you're near Beantown, be sure and check it out. Although, don't wear your NY Yankees shirt.

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I heard from Karl Cohen in San Fransisco of the death recently of Libby Hilberman, wife and life partner of Dave Hilberman. She was in her late 80s, I believe. I first met them in 1991 when I helped organize a 50th anniv picnic of the Walt Disney strikers. In 2003 I talked to them extensively for my book. Dave was a Disney artist and UPA founder who had the distinction of being one of the few artists personally fingered by Walt Disney in testimony to the anti-Commie HUAC committee ( Oct 25th, 1947). Libby was an artist at UPA, Tempo and Disney as well, she and Dave endured harrassment, blacklisting in Hollywood as well as in New York until they settled in Palo Alto to teach. Despite all they always kept their spirits up and their dignity. They never compromised their principles when it would have been much more lucrative to cave in. In their old age this gave them a kind of inner peace that I found admirable. The satisfaction that they did the right thing, and because of it they made an impact on all of us. Because of people like Libby and Dave, animation artists in Cal have the highest standard of living and best conditions of any animators in the world. And I for one, thank them.