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August 6th 2006
August 6th, 2006

I just spent the weekend in Hong Kong. Beautiful city. Very eclectic and lots of pubs, just with Communist Chinese red banners flapping overhead. In other words, much like Berkeley.

Birthdays: Alfred Lord Tennyson, Daniel O'Connell "the Liberator",
Dutch Schultz (real name Arthur Fleigenheimer), Louella Parsons, Lucille Ball, Robert
Mitchum, Andy Warhol, Hoot Gibson, William B. Williams, Michelle Yeoh, Sir Freddy
Laker, M. Night Shamylan, Melissa George, Soliel Moon-Frye aka Punky Brewster

1926- Warner Brothers Studio premiered it’s motion picture sound on disk system.The
film was Don Juan with John Barrymore the Great Profile. It didn’t really have
much impact until they made the "Jazz Singer"with Al Jolson two years later.

1945- HIROSHIMA.- At around 11:00 A.M. Capt. Tibbetts and his B-29 "Enola Gay"
dropped one bomb and sent us into the Atomic Age. The uranium device was called
the "Cosmic Bomb" by the scientists and "Little Boy" by the
crew. Navy Secretary Admiral Leahy had said:" It's the biggest damn fool
thing we've ever done. It'll never go off!" When it did go off one
crewmember shouted:"Wow! Lookit that sonofabitch go! This war is over!!"
The navigator wrote in his journal" My God! What have we done ?" The target
city of Hiroshima was selected because it was undamaged up until then and the surrounding
hills would concentrate it’s effect. The A-bomb killed around 130,000 people and
continued to kill survivors with radiation and cancer. 50,000 people were vaporized
outright leaving only shadows burned into the pavement. Dr. Robert Oppenheimer,
the bomb's main designer, had built it primarily to stop Hitler -both the Nazis
and Japanese had their own unsuccessful atomic bomb programs. He was still horrified
by the results. He became a lifelong pacifist and was later persecuted as a commie
for refusing any more help in developing nuclear weapons.

1970- THE HIPPIES ATTACK DISNEYLAND- A nationwide call for civil disobedience at
the famous American-establishment tourist spot was called for August 6th. Called
"Yippie Day" Yippies were considered more militant than Hippies. 750 long
haired, denim clad moppets filtered into park. Once in they quickly massed, then
invaded the Wilderness Fort in Frontierland. There they raised the Vietcong flag,
passed marijuana cigarettes to tourists and chanted "Stop the War! Free Charlie
Manson!" They were finally expelled with great difficulty by park security
and the Anaheim police. In the 1980’s Disney was almost invaded by Nazi skinheads
but this time they were ready.

1998- A chubby White House student intern from LA named Monica Lewinsky testified
to a Federal Grand Jury that she had sex with President Bill Clinton in a small
room down the hall from the Oval Office. Snap that thong and gimme a cigar!

2001- One month before the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks the CIA presented President
George W. Bush with a study that increased terrorist chatter meant some kind of
attack may be likely. The report was entitled OSAMA BEN LADEN LIKELY TO ATTACK IN
CONTINENTAL US. That the terrorists may use hijacked civilian airliners. President
Bush thanked them then resumed clearing brush on his ranch in Crawford Texas. CIA
chief George Tenant didn’t think it important enough to even show up. Later in
2003 after the 9-11 attack National Security advisor Condoleeza Rice was quoted
in the press that " No one could predict terrorists would hijack civilian airliners
and fly them into the World Trade Center and Pentagon."