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Oct. 26, 2023
October 26th, 2023

Question: What kind of job did these people do? Jerry Goldsmith, Basil Poledouris, Rachel Portman, Thomas Newman?

Yesterday’s Question Answered Below: The Greek god Aphrodite was the Roman god Venus. The Greek god Poseidon was the Roman god Neptune. The Greek God Hephaestus was…?
History for 10/26/2023
Birthdays: Danton, Leon Trotsky, Francois Mitterand, Domenico Scarlatti, Charles W. Post of Post Cereals, Bob Hoskins, The last Shah of Iran Mohammed Reza Pahlevi, Mahalia Jackson, Clive Barker, Bootsie Collins, Marla Maples, Count Helmuth von Molkte the Elder -German strategist of the Franco-Prussian War, Dylan McDermott, Cary Elwes, Jaclyn Smith, Hilary Rodham Clinton, Jon Heder, Seth McFarlane is 50, and Pat Sito.

Feast of Saint Evaristus, a Hellenic Jew who was made pope during the Roman persecutions. He is counted as a martyr even though there is no evidence that he did die that way. It's just assumed that all those early popes became toast sooner or later.

901 AD- English King Alfred the Great died. One of two English kings ever to be called The Great. (the other being the Danish Canute). He drove the Vikings from England and unified most of the island under his rule. ( The parts that weren’t Welsh or Scottish.

1326- Hugh Despenser, the boyfriend of King Edward II, was hanged on orders of Edward's wife, Queen Isabella the" She-Wolf of France". Before he died, she had him castrated and let him watch his nads being burned.

1440- French nobleman Gilles de Rais beheaded. If the concept of "medieval justice" always seemed like an oxymoron, the case of Gilles De Rais was a notable exception.
Baron de Rais was a powerful warlord of Joan of Arc, who went bizarrely wrong in his later years. He was so paranoid about losing his fortune, he listened to a sorcerer who told him the Devil would help if Gilles sacrificed some children to him.
When children began disappearing in large numbers from around his castle, even the Royal court couldn't ignore the outcry. The knight was tried, beheaded and his remains burned without Christian rites. His castle Chevrenault outside Tours was leveled, so no memory of the horrible episode would remain. Gilles De Rais is sometimes called Bluebeard, a name also given to the insurance murderer Nicholas Landru in 1928.

1555- After being given the kingdom of the Netherlands by his father Charles V, this day King Phillip II of Spain pledged to respect Dutch freedom. But his Catholic zeal was offended by the rising conversion rates to Calvinist Protestantism. Phillip soon unleashed the Dukes of Alva and Parma to tortured and executed thousands. The Dutch responded with revolutionary force and after an 80 year struggle, won their independence.

1825-THE ERIE CANAL COMPLETED, on budget and ahead of schedule. Governor Dewitt Clinton poured a ceremonial bucket of Great Lakes water into the Hudson River. Once called Clinton’s Big Ditch, even elderly Thomas Jefferson thought the plan was madness. The 350 mile Erie Canal tied the Midwest interior of America to its Atlantic coast and made New York the economic capitol of the nation. It also set off a boom in canal boat building. Remember at this time trains weren’t invented yet and roads were so poor, it took Jefferson two weeks to travel from Washington to Charlottesville Virginia, a distance today driven in two hours!

1858- The rotary drum washing machine patented by H. E. Smith of Philadelphia.

1863- The English Football Association formed to standardize the rules for soccer.

1863- We all know the Transcontinental Railroad was completed when the Golden Spike was driven in, on May 10,1867. Well today the first nails of that four year, 800 mile track were hammered in ceremonies in Missouri in the East and Sacramento California in the West.

1881-The GUNFIGHT AT THE OK CORRAL- The grudgefight between the Earp Brothers and the Clantons only lasted about 90 seconds but remains the most famous gunfight of the Old West. The fight may have actually happened in an alley beside McFly's Photo-Parlor, but the Tombstone Gazette decided the OK Corral, a block away, sounded more macho. Deputy Marshal Wyatt Earp lived until 1929 and told so many different versions of what happened that he's totally discredited as a witness today.

1918- As the German front in World War I was falling apart, the Kaiser’s government sent a request for a ceasefire. Everyone knew this meant defeat and General Erich Ludendorf was having none of it. He denounced liberal Chancellor Prince Max of Baden’s peace efforts and vowed to fight on. Prince Max went to the Kaiser and said" He’s got to go. It’s Ludendorf or me!" Kaiser Wilhelm reluctantly ordered Ludendorf to submit his resignation.
Ludendorf refused a limousine; he walked alone to his house and sat silent in his parlor chair in the dark for several hours. Finally, he emerged and said to his wife:" In a fortnight we shall have no more Empire and no more Emperor. You will see." He was right to the day. Kaiser Wilhelm II and his dynasty fell on November 9th.

1929- Henry Ford invited President Herbert Hoover out for a picnic at Greenfield Michigan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the invention of Electricity. Greenfield was a theme park recreation of a pre-industrial American farm town Ford's innovations had done so much to change forever. Other guests included Thomas Edison, William Dupont, Henry Firestone and Madame Curie. During their picnic the President received a confidential message of the growing crisis on Wall St. Hoover told Ford not to worry, then quietly ordered his broker to sell all his personal stock. Three days later the Stock Market crashed.

1935 Disney short “Three Orphaned Kittens” premiered. Directed by Dave Hand. It won an Oscar.

1942- Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands- American and Japanese planes dogfight for supremacy in the fourth carrier battle of the Pacific War. The carrier USS Hornet was sunk but the damaged Japanese fleet had to draw off and give up plans to re-supply their troops on Guadalcanal. In a strange bit of bad luck a torpedo rigged under the wing of a damaged PBY Catalina flying boat accidentally dropped into the ocean and after several mad circles sank the destroyer USS Porter.

1944- End of the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

1947-HOLLYWOOD FIGHTS BACK- Members of Hollywood's progressive elite tried to answer the McCarthy hearings and the blacklist with a nationwide radio broadcast "Hollywood Fights Back” -Starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Judy Garland, Katharine Hepburn, Danny Kaye, John Huston, Gene Kelly and Edward G. Robinson.
The event was a public relations fiasco. Nobel laureate Thomas Mann used his airtime to launch into a longwinded intellectual defense of Communism. When word reached them that some of the Hollywood writers they were defending really were communists Bogart and Bacall felt they had been hoodwinked. "As politicians we stink!" quote Bogie.

1951- Despite being past his prime famed heavyweight boxing champ Joe Louis The Brown Bomber came out of retirement to attempt a comeback and pay off back taxes. This day he was knocked out by young champ Rocky Marciano. Growing up, Marciano had idolized Louis and afterwards apologized to him.

1952- The TV documentary Victory at Sea, first premiered, with its majestic soundtrack by Richard Rogers. Scoring by Robert Russell Bennett.

1955- The Greenwich Village Voice, later called simply The Voice, first published. It ended in 2018.

1955- Ngo Dinh Diem declared himself the first President of the Republic of (South) Vietnam.

1957- Vatican Radio began broadcasting.

1958- The movie Bell, Book and Candle came out. Starring Kim Novak and Jimmy Stewart. The film inspired the 60s TV series Bewitched. Roy E. Disney liked the movie so much his car licenseplate was Piewacket.

1962- THE LUNCH THAT SAVED THE WORLD- During the tense standoff of the Cuban Missile Crisis, this day at a quiet Washington DC Chinese restaurant, a KGB man Alexander Feklisov, code name Fomin, met John Scali, an ABC White House correspondent. He gave the newsman a letter containing an offer from Khrushchev to take to the Kennedy that would end the superpower standoff. No personal emails, tweets or texts then. What happened? Wait for tomorrow

1965- The rock band the Beatles received MBEs (most excellent Member of the British Empire) medals at Buckingham Palace. John Lennon later returned his as a protest.

1970- Yale law graduate Gary Trudeau was convinced by his classmate Jim Andrews, now an editor at Universal Press syndicate, to recreate the funny comic strip he did in their campus newspaper. Its original name was 'Bull Tales". He renamed it Doonesbury.

1972- Nixon advisor Dr Henry Kissinger announced "Peace is at Hand" in Vietnam.

1979 - Kim Jae-kyu, head of the South Korean intelligence agency, blew away their country's President, Park Chung-hee with a machine gun at a state banquet. Park had been president/dictator since 1961. The assassin was executed some months
later. He claimed it was an accident.

1984-" I’LL BE BACK…" James Cameron’s sci-fi thriller THE TERMINATOR first released. Arnold Schwarzenegger was considered a Hollywood joke before this film made him a major star. An interesting what-if, was that before Arnold was cast in the role of the cyborg assassin, the producers were first considering O.J. Simpson.

1985- The original date Marty McFly time travels from in the film Back to the Future.

2001- President Bush signed the USA Patriot Act, which gave him power to read your mail, tap your phones, bypassing all the safeguards demanded by Congress and the Bill of Rights, even the Magna Carta.

2015- The Supergirl TV show staring Melissa Benoist premiered.

2028- Asteroid 1977 FX11 will pass within 600,000 miles of the Earth. In 1998 The Smithsonian announced the asteroid would hit the planet or maybe pass closer than the moon's orbit 30,000 miles, causing global meteorological convulsions. The following day the Jet Propulsion Lab and Mount Palomar Observatory announced a correction of the calculations to prove it will miss us by a wide distance. So stick around, we're going to find out.
Yesterday’s Question: The Greek god Aphrodite was the Roman god Venus. The Greek god Poseidon was the Roman god Neptune. The Greek God Hephaestos was…?

Answer: Vulcan.