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PBS Scheduling
July 3rd, 2008


I'm learning why broadcasting at PBS is different from other networks. After the programs are approved and sent out from the main office in Washington, the individual PBS affiliate stations are free to stick them where they will. So I'm seeing the premiere times of Click & Clack As the Wrench Turns all over the place.

In the two largest media outlets, WNET New York and KCET Los Angeles, CLick & Clack will premiere this weds July 9th at 10:00PM, right behind a Science documentary on Iraqi bacteria. WGBH Boston at 8:00PM, WETA Washington on the Friday the 11th at 10:30PM. All these channels do reruns during the week as well.

While it certainly raises the bar for success, it will make it all the sweeter if we do "click" with audiences. It reminds me of the first Star Trek season in 1966, which ran at 10:00PM Weds after the Andy Williams Show. My mom yelled at me to go to bed, but I stayed up to watch it anyway. "This is trania..."

Check your local listing!

hmmm..10 o'clock, me play against Daily Show and Colbert...uh ohhh!!!"