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Bob Winquist 1923-2008
September 14th, 2008

courtesy of Tao Nguyen

I just learned that Robert "Bob" Winquist died on September 10th. Through most of the 1980s Bob was the head of the Character Animation Program at Cal Arts. There he influenced and inspired a great many of today's top animation professionals.

Check out the touching remembrance on Jenny Lerew's website THE BLACKWING DIARIES

Be sure and read the comments section, many are by some pretty well known animation folks like Pete Docter, Mark Kennedy, Ash Brannon and Ralph Eggleston, who all left some wonderful memories of Bob.

The ancient Egyptians said:" If we are spoken well of after we pass, we have achieved immortality. If we are forgotten, we die a second time."

Judging from the postings, I don't think Bob Winquist will have any problem.