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The Secret of Kells Screening
September 20th, 2008

Yesterday I was invited to the Directors Guild Theater to attend a screening of a new animated feature from Ireland entitled THE SECRET OF KELLS.

It's a whimsical tale about the creation of one of the most important works of Irish Celtic art, the Book of Kells. Thomm Moore did a fine job creating a visually unique, very different kind of animated film.

images courtesy of the Irish Film Board

Influenced by Richard Williams Cobbler and the Thief, as well as Medieval triptychs and Celtic art, it is a fun blend of 2D and 3d forms, and even features animated Celtic filagree patterns! Wow, when I was back in school in the 60s, we could only see that with the right blend of hallucinogenics!

Best of luck to the film, and congratulations to Thomm and all his crew.
You made it look like you could be put to the sword in the Ninth Century, and still have a fun time!