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ASIFA-Hollywood and the Animation Educator's forum is putting together the first animation festival for STUDENTS. We have an incredible event planned with film screenings, awards presentations and panels relating to getting a job in the animation industry with professional artists from major studios in attendance (Pixar, Dreamworks, Disney etc.)

There is also an all day portfolio review that I hope you can all take advantage of. We will be having a rotation of industry artists help out with advising and reviewing your portfolio. Even if you have never put a portfolio together before, scan and print your drawings/paintings and bring them. Reviews will be given to first come first serve. To get on the list, please contact Veronica Esquivel - or 714.338.1351 and book your time!

The ASIFA-Hollywood
Student Animation Festival
October 18th, 2008
Admission FREE to the animation community
Woodbury University
School of Business / Fletcher Jones Foundation Theater
7500 Glenoaks Bl
Burbank, CA 91510
(Click for printable map)

It will be a great opportunity to network, be educated, and watch some great films.

See you there!


Quiz: It is said the economy is in the Doldrums. What does that mean?

Yesterday’s Question Answered below: The Warner Bros. were originally Polish Jews who immigrated via Canada. What was their original family name?
History for 9/25/2008
Birthdays: William Faulkner, Jean Phillipe Rameau, Mark Rothko, Dmitri Shoshtakovich, Sergei Bondarchuk, Phil Rizzutto the Scooter, Bob MacAdoo, Heather Locklear, Scotty Pippin, Christopher Reeve, Mark Hamill, Glen Gould, Barbera Walters, Red Smith, Aldo Ray, Will Smith is 40, Michael Douglas 64 & Catherine Zeta-Jones-39

1513- Vasco Nunez de Balboa emerged from the Panamanian rainforest to view the great expanse of the western ocean. He calls it "Pacific" the "Peaceful Ocean."

1690- The first American newspaper published in Boston; " Publick Occurances Both Foreign and Domestick, Issue Number One" There was no number two because the Lord Governor of Massachusetts colony promptly closed it down.

1777- British Lord Howe after defeating Washington's army, CAPTURED THE AMERICAN CAPITOL OF PHILADELPHIA. The rebel congress had picked up their upstart Declaration of Independence, and hightailed it for Harrisburg.
It was the American's luck that at this time the colonies were so loosely knit and decentralized that losing the "nation's capitol" wasn't very important to anyone except Philadelphians. Town Loyalists had a field day routing out rebel sympathizers. Because the Quakers espoused non-violence everyone thought they were on the other side, so they were singled out for especially rough treatment- pelted with stones, tar & feathers, etc.
Lord Howe complained to London that by now he had defeated the American army several times, captured it's capitol, yet the Rebellion showed no signs of dying out. America only had four major cities, Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Charleston. They all had been captured by His Majesties forces at one time or another. Except for little pirate John Paul Jones, they had sunk all of the American Navy. But the damn Yankees wouldn’t give up. Obviously a military solution to the American problem was not the answer." I can only pacify the colonies if I had two soldiers for every colonist." London responded by replacing Lord Howe.

1789- James Madison proposed a series of ten amendments be added to the new Constitution guaranteeing basic personal freedoms, the BILL OF RIGHTS. This day it was approved by Congress and sent to the states for ratification.

1828- Simon Bolivar the Liberator is confronted by assassins sent by his own vice president to kill him. They break in on him while he was in bed with his mistress, Manuela Spenz. Bolivar does not fight nor flee, he just stared them down, and the sheer force of his iron will compelled the cutthroats to flee in terror.

1887-The first Sears Catalog published.

1888- The beginning of the Sherlock Holmes adventure the Hound of the Baskervilles.

1890- Spurred on by the writings of John Muir and John Wesley Powell, Congress created Yosemite National Park in California.

1919- President Woodrow Wilson suffers a stroke after a speech at Pueblo, Colorado. For two months he lingered paralyzed while the nation was run by first lady Edith Wilson. No one told the public or the Vice President. Their are many interpretations of how the government was run in those weeks. Edith claimed to be passing on Wilson's wishes to the government from his sickbed, but many thought Wilson was too incapacitated even for that, and she was just doing it herself.

1953- Alfred Hitchcock wrapped filming on his only 3D film, Dial M for Murder.

1965- The Beatles cartoon show premiered.

1974- THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT. Scientists first warn that increased use of florocarbons and aerosol sprays will cause Ozone Depletion and global weather changes.
But that’s not proven, eh Boys & Girls? Oh, it’s 101 degrees in my neighborhood today.

1980- John Bonham of Led Zeppelin was found dead of alcohol poisoning.

1984-THE RUBBERHEADS STRIKE- Disneyland workers including the actors who stroll the park in big Mickey and Goofy heads go on strike.
Yesterday’s Question: The Warner Bros. were originally Polish Jews who immmigrated via Canada. What was their original family name?

Answer: The Warner Bros original name was Eichelbaum. I guess they felt Eichelbaum Bros. doesn't have quite the same ring. (Thanks to Mark Mayerson for the answer.)

One more interesting fact. When I worked at WB, they made a point of telling
me, it's never Warner Brothers, it's always Warner Bros.