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January 11th, 2009 sun.
January 11th, 2009

Quiz: Who said:” This is not the End, nor even the Beginning of the End; it may however, be the End of the Beginning.”…? And what the heck is he talking about..?

Yesterday’s question answered below. Quiz: When you toast someone, why do we raise our glasses or cups and tap them together?
History for 1/11/2009
Birthdays: Roman Emperor Theodosius 1st, Alexander Hamilton, Gliere, Domenico Ghirlandaio, Mr. Selfridge the London department store guy, Rod Taylor, David Wolper, Lyle Lovett, Ben Crenshaw, Naomi Judd, Stanley Tucci, Amanda Peet is 35

Roman festival Carmentalia, or the Feast of the Nine Muses

1775- Frances Salvador, a South Carolina plantation owner was elected to the colony’s legislature. This makes him the first person of the Jewish faith to ever hold office in America. He was known as the Paul Revere of the South, because he raised the alarm through the countryside when the redcoats approached Charleston. One year later he was killed by British armed Cherokees.

1803 –U.S. diplomats James Monroe and Robert Livingston sailed for France to try and make a deal with Napoleon for the city of New Orleans. Napoleon sells them the entire U.S. Midwest, from Mexico to Montana. Such a deal!

1862- Abraham Lincoln accepted the resignation of Simon Cameron as Secretary of War. Lincoln said:” The only thing that man never stole was a red hot stove.”He replaced him with Edwin Stanton, a lawyer who was the first to get a client off a murder charge with a plea of temporary insanity.

1874- Gail Borden, the inventor of condensed milk, died and was buried beneath a tombstone made to look like one of his milk cans.

1892- French impressionist painter Paul Gaughin, aged 46, married a 13 year old Tahitian girl named Tehura.

1908- President Teddy Roosevelt declared the entire Grand Canyon a National Monument. “The Ages have been at work at it and Man can only mar it.”

1944- Mussolini has his foreign minister Count Ciano and his army chief Marshal De Bono, shot by firing squad. Count Ciano was his own son-in-law.

1948- President Harry Truman called for the creation of free, two year community colleges for all those who desired a college education.

1949- The first recorded snowfall in Los Angeles.

1958- the TV show Seahunt permiered. It made a star out of Lloyd Bridges, the father of Jeff and Beau.

1964- U.S. Surgeon General Luther Terry gave the first warnings against smoking. Which government agency was the first to declare smoking caused lung cancer? The Nazi Government in 1939.

1965- Whiskey-A-Go-Go, the first Disco opened on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. Discotecque is French for record library.

1995- Warner Bros purchased a dozen metromedia television stations around the US and this day started them off as the WB Network.

2000- America On Line announced its takeover of the worlds largest media conglomerate Time Warner Inc who had earlier merged with Ted Turner. The Walt Disney Company, who had just purchased ABC/Cap Cities, ESPN and Jim Henson, complained to the US Government that Time Warner was creating a monopoly. Uh- huh. After three years of plunging stock prices, Time Warner regained control of itself and reduced AOL to a subsidiary, and will probably sell it off.
Yesterday’ Question: Quiz: When you toast someone, why do we raise our glasses or cups and tap them together.

Answer: in Dark Ages Europe, political enemies sometimes resorted to poison to get rid of one another. When warchiefs or kings paid a visit to one another, ale or wine was drunk from cups dipped into a big bowl. The host would demonstrate the drink was safe by dipping his own cup at the same time as his guests. He would hold it up as proof, and to show his cup was not empty and he was faking, he clanked them to the others before drinking.