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July 25, 2014 fri.
July 25th, 2014

Quiz: Who invented the term “to jump the shark”..?

Yesterday’s Question answered below: Queen Elizabeth II has reigned for 61
years, but she is not yet the longest reigning English Monarch. Who is?
History for 7/25/2014
Birthdays: Bishop Theitmar of Merseberg-975AD, Arthur Balfour, Thomas Eakins,
Maxfield Parrish, Stuart K. Hine 1899 missionary who wrote the hymn "How Great
Thou Art", Walter Payton, Walter Brennan, David Belasco, Adnan Khashoggi, Imam,
Jack Gilford, Illeana Douglas, Estelle Getty, Matt LeBlanc, Louise Brown, the
first "test-tube" baby-conceived by in vitro fertilization in 1978.

Today is the Feast of Saint James, called San Diego or Santiago de Compostela in

325 A.D. The Council of Nicea- The Roman Emperor Constantine called all the
Bishops and Patriarchs of Christianity to answer the problems posed by the Arian
(Gnostic) Christian sect. The Arrians asked: "If Jesus was God on Earth, then
who was minding the store upstairs? And how can you kill God? Maybe he was just
pretending to be dead..." They came up with the Nicean Creed (The Apostles
Creed) and the Mystery of the Trinity, "One In Being with the Father" If you
can't figure this out, some nun would be happy to rap your knuckles for asking.

1554- Queen Mary I of England "Bloody Mary" married King Philip II of Spain in
Winchester Cathedral. Phillip didn’t linger long in England and Mary was much
older than him and beyond child bearing years.

1570- Czar Ivan IV once more demonstrated why his got the name Ivan the Terrible
by ordering mass executions of his supposed enemies in Moscow. This day he had
Boyar Prince Viskavati hanged from a gallows and slowly sliced up with knives,
allowing him to live just long enough to watch Ivan rape his wife and daughter.

1593- Henry IV, after a bloody religious-civil war had made himself King of all
of France except Paris, which was holding out against him. When he asked why
they were so stubborn in their resistance they said it was because he was a
Protestant. "Well then," the King said-"Paris is well worth a Mass!" and he
converted to Catholicism. Henry’s family, the Bourbons, became the royal dynasty
of France and today is still on the throne of Spain. Just last month Henry IV
remains were found, a pierced ear for a pearl earring.

1788- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart completed his Symphony #40 in G minor.

1792- THE BRUNSWICK MANIFESTO- The Emperor of Austria and the King of Prussia
sent armies invading into France to help their brother-king Louis XVI put down
the unruly French Revolution. This day the military commander of the invasion,
Charles Willliam the Duke of Brunswick issued a proclamation to the French
people that if they didn’t knuckle under to their King like all good little
peasants should do he was going to kick their butts! He especially threatened
Paris with a "memorable-vengence". This arrogant threat enraged the French
people and all but decided King Louis and Marie-Antoinette would be executed.
Danton and Marat called for a mass rising of the French nation. The Duke de
Brunswick was defeated in battle by rampaging Frenchmen shouting Aux

1814- Battle of Lundy’s Lane. American forces defeat a British invasion force
near Niagara Falls.

1822- General Augustin Iturbide has himself crowned Emperor of Mexico.

1846 -The Spanish-Californios residents of Los Angeles chase the U.S. occupying
force out of town a second time.

1871- Samuel Colt patents the "peacemaker", the most famous Western sixgun.
Gunfighters filed off the barrel sight so it wouldn't catch on your clothes
during a quickdraw, and carried it "5 beans in the wheel" meaning while walking
they kept it set at the one empty chamber, so it doesn't accidentally go off in
the holster and shoot you in the foot, which might look embarrassing. Most
gunfighters carried it in their belts or a waist high holster. Wild Bill Hickock
carried his 1860 Navy Colts backwards in a red sash. The familiar low-on-the-hip
two gun holsters didn't become common until cowboys saw them in the Buffalo Bill
Wild West Show in the 1880’s.
Colonel Colt got very rich from his invention, and had an annoying habit of
shooting his guns off in courtrooms and restaurants like Yosemite Sam.

1871 An electric carousel was patented by Wilhelm Schneider, Davenport, Iowa

1894-the Sino Japanese War. The Japanese surprise attack the Korean peninsula
amphibiously at the Bay of Inchon, giving Douglas MacArthur the same idea 57
years later.

1897- Young writer Jack London went to the Klondike to look for gold. He didn’t
find much but did get material for a lot of good stories.

1898- The US army invaded Puerto Rico. Spain had granted the island home rule
but America got possession of it in the treaty ending the Spanish American War.
It’s been a US commonwealth ever since. Puerto Ricans were given full US
citizenship in 1917 and self government in 1942. As of the last referendum in
1993 Puerto Ricans still preferred the status of commonwealth.

1909-THE WRISTWATCH- Frenchman Louis Bleriot flew the English Channel. Bleriot
had no fuel gauge in his plane. He knew the rate that his plane burned fuel so
he kept a clock in his cockpit to mark the time. But a problem was the engines
vibrations would rattle the clock to uselessness. So he asked his friend Charles
Cartier the jeweler to make him a reliable timepiece free from vibrations.
Cartier created a pocketwatch that you could strap to your wrist with the
clockface showing- the Wristwatch. By World War One wristwatches supplanted
pocketwatches as the standard male accessory.

1918- In Russia the anti-Communist White Guards entered Ykaterinburg one week
too late to prevent the murder of Czar Nicholas II and his family. They
discovered the bullet ridden blood soaked room and after capturing one of the
Bolshevik agents involved in the murder spread the news to the world of the
crime. Soviet apologists for years maintained that the murder of the Imperial
Family was done upon the initiative of the local Soviet council under Commissar
Yakovlev. But documents discovered in 1989 revealed the murder of Nicolas II was
a direct order from Lenin.

1920- The French Army occupies Damascus after Lawrence of Arabia and Faisal's
All-Arab Congress government fail. Faisal's son was given the Kingdom of
Mesopotamia (Iraq) after his claims to the Hejaz region was trumped by Saudi
King Ibn Saud. The French would hold Syria as a colony after World War II, which
is why the Syrians have never been very pro-western since.

1927- The Tanaka Memorial- Japanese statesman Baron Tanaka spelled out for the
Japanese government a strategy of conquest for the next twenty years, calling
for Japan to achieve economic dominance by creating a Greater East Asian
Economic Sphere from Korea to Australia. This document was considered by
Anglo-American strategists the "Mein Kampf " of the Japanese.

1934- Nazi agents assassinated the Austrian Chancellor Englebert Dolfuss for
resisting Fascist encroachment, and having a very silly name.

1936- Orchard Beach opened in the North Bronx.

1940- In Nazi occupied Paris a Gestapo agent walks into the French offices of
MGM studios and confiscates the release prints of "Gone With The Wind." They are
taken to Berlin for a screening for top Nazis officials. Gone with the Wind was
one of Hitler’s favorite movies.

1943- The Birth of L.A. Smog! A newspaper headline from this date mentions a
'gas-attack' of exhaust and haze that reduced visibility to three short blocks.

1943 - Benito Mussolini was overthrown as premier of Italy and imprisoned while
the Italian government tried to open negotiations with the allies. Hitler
responded by rescuing Mussolini and militarily occupying Italy.

1944- Operation Cobra- The Allies break out of the Normandy beachheads and
hedgerows and unleash Patton's fresh Third army into the French interior
countryside. Between now and the Battle of the Bulge the German Army can do
little more than retreat to the Rhine.

1951- CBS conducts the first broadcast of color television. NBC made color tv
popular in the mid 1960's.

1953-Chuck Jone's "Duck Dodgers in the 24 and 1/2 Century".

1953- New York City Subway fares rise from 10cents to 15 cents. Subway tokens
are issued for the first time.

1959-"The Kitchen Debates" Vice President Richard Nixon traded catty comments
with Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev at the American kitchen of the future
exhibit in a Moscow Trade Show.

1965 – Folk Music star Bob Dylan was booed off stage at the Newport Folk
Festival for using an electric guitar. Alan Lomax the great Smithsonian Folk
Music historian got into a fistfight over it and Pete Seeger threatened to pull
the electric plugs.

1968-Pope Paul VI published the encyclical Humane Vitae, which set the Church
policy against all forms of birth control other than the Rhythm Method. No to
the Pill, Condoms and other contraception. This made the Pope a real drag to the
Swinging Sixties.

1969 - 1st performance of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young at the Fillmore East in

1969 – Senator Edward Kennedy plead guilty to leaving scene of an accident a
week after the Chappaquiddick car accident that killed his campaign worker Mary
Jo Kopechne.

1972- The story was broken of the Tuskegee Experiments- that in the late 1940’s
and 50’s the US Government did medical experiments on unwilling humans,
injecting with them with syphilis and other diseases. The subjects used were
exclusively African American men. One went mad and leapt out of a window.
President Clinton officially apologized to the survivors in 1993.

1975 - "A Chorus Line," longest-running Broadway show (6,137), premiered.

1984- Cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya became 1st woman to walk in space

1985- Movie star Rock Hudson publicly acknowledged that he had AIDS.

1990 - Roseanne Barr sings the National Anthem at a San Diego Padre game, joke-
impersonating ball players by spitting, grabbing her crotch and screeching
during her rendition. It didn’t go over well with the more patriotically minded
in that conservative town.

2000- An Air France Concord supersonic airliner exploded on takeoff, killing
everyone on board. The investigation proved a piece of metal debris that fell
off the previous Continental Airliner exploded one of the Concords tires and the
resultant wreckage was sucked into the planes engine. Both Britain and France
suspended SST flights for over a year and in 2003 discontinued them forever as
being too expensive.

Queen Elizabeth II had reigned for 61 years, but she is not yet the longest
reigning English Monarch. Who is?

Yesterday’s Question: Answer: She’ll have to rule 7 more years to catch Queen
Victoria, who ruled for 68 years.