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MAY 11, 2022
May 11th, 2022

Question: When you approached the home of an ancient Roman, and a sign said Cave Canem, what did that mean?

Yesterday’s Quiz answered below: What is Ex-Post-Facto?
History for 5/11/2022
Birthdays: Salvador Dali', Jean Jerome, Chang and Eng Bunker-the original Siamese Twins-1811, Baron Munchausen, Irving Berlin, King Oliver, Martha Graham, Dr. Richard Fenyman, Mort Sahl, Foster Brooks, Denver Pyle, Henry Morgenthau, Doug McClure, Randy Quaid, Natasha Richardson, Rev Louis Farrakhan, Albert Hurter, Margaret Kerry the model for Walt Disney’s Tinkerbell is 94

330 A.D. Roman Emperor Constantine the Great founded his city of New Rome, called Constantinople, on the site of an older Greek city called Byzantium. The Russians call it Tsargrad, the Turks Istanbul or "The City”.

1189- German Emperor Frederick Barbarossa (red-beard) led 100,000 German Crusaders out of Regensburg towards the Holyland. Two thirds of them never came home, including Frederick.

1780- A RUDE SHOCK TO THE INDEPENDENCE OF AMERICA. That was how it was described by a Tory minister back in London, when the British Army captured the last major American seaport- Charleston, South Carolina. George Washington’s best lieutenant, General Lincoln, and 2,500 troops laid down their arms. It was the largest surrender of Americans in the Revolutionary War. At one time during the Revolution all of the major US cities: Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Charleston were under British occupation. The capture of Charleston also wiped out what there was of the little U.S. Navy. At this time, John Paul Jones was sitting on a beach waiting for a new ship.
Up till then the British strategy had been to wait out the bankrupt Yankees and concentrate on fighting the French and Spaniards in the Caribbean. George Washington recognized this strategy was working, since Congress was broke and his unpaid army was on the verge of mutiny. But their victory at Charleston encouraged the British to deviate from their plan and commit new armies to conquer America from the South. That decision led to the great British defeat at Yorktown.

1792- Captain Robert Gray discovered the Columbia River in the Oregon territory.

1812- A British merchant named Bellingham whose business was ruined by the Napoleonic wars, walked into the lobby of the House of Commons, and shot Prime Minister Sir Spencer Percival. He was the only British Prime Minister ever assassinated.

1831- French writer Alexis De Tocqueville visited the United States.

1858- Minnesota became a state.

1862- When their navy base was overrun by US ground troops, the Confederates had to blow up their ironclad warship the CSS Virginia, also called the Merrimac.

1864- JEB STUART FELL- Confederate commander of cavalry Jeb Stuart was a Beau-Sabeur who always rode into the thickest of a fight. This day one soldier shouted:” General, you must love bullets!” Stuart replied:” I don’t love bullets, but I can’t hide from them. I got a feeling I’m not going to survive this war.” Then he rode into battle with Sheridan’s cavalry at Yellow Tavern six miles north of Richmond.
A dismounted Yankee marksman spotted the familiar gray horseman with the black plumed hat and cape. As he rode by, he emptied his carbine into him. Gutshot, Stuart still managed to ride a mile to the rear before falling insensible from his horse. Death came swiftly. Jeb Stuart was 31.

1878- Anarchist plumber Erik Hodel tried unsuccessfully to assassinate Kaiser Wilhelm. People today fear Al Qaeda, but in the "Gilded Age" it was the Anarchists- the stereotype men in long black coats with smoldering round black bombs. They believed that society itself was the problem, and if it could be broken down, only then would people be truly free.

1894- The workers of the Pullman Railroad Car Company went on strike led by young crusading attorney Eugene V. Debs.

1927- Polar explorers Roald Amundsen, Michael Ellsworth and General Nobile fly over the North Pole in a dirigible called the Norge. They were preceded by several days by Commander Robert Byrd and Floyd Bennett in a fixed wing Fokker aero plane. Norwegian Roald Ammundsen had already conquered the South Pole but on this flight he felt useless. He was offended when General Nobile celebrated in Fascist Italian jackbooted, Seig-Heiling style when they got back.

1934- The Howard Hawks screwball comedy Twentieth Century premiered with John Barrymore and Carol Lombard.

1943- US troops storm Attu island in the Aleutians. Japanese troops had occupied the Alaskan Aleutian archipelago in 1942 to draw attention from their attack at Midway. It and Guam were the only US soil under enemy occupation in World War II. The US forces were the Special Forces/10th Mountain Battalion once known as Darbys Rangers who fought in Italy. Their commander Col Darby had been killed two days before the Nazi surrender in Europe.

1945- After Nazi Germany surrendered, the Nazi-collaborator governor of occupied Norway, Josef Treboven, committed suicide by sitting on a stick of dynamite. When Wiley E. Coyote does it, it’s funny. But Norwegian Nazis? Pretty messy.

1946- The first CARE package sent.

1948- After World War II, the cooperation between U.S. unions and management disappeared and the nation was paralyzed by nationwide steel and railroad strikes. President Truman, who had praised the labor cooperation the year before reacted by this day ordering the military to seize the railroads, and draft into the navy any strikers who objected.

1956 - The Pinky Lee Show last airs on NBC-TV.

1968 - actor Richard Harris attempted a singing career, releasing the song "MacArthur Park".

1968- The Vietnamese give up their siege of the Marine firebase at Que Sanh. The siege had lasted since January.

1969- In Vietnam the 101st Airborne and South Vietnamese forces began their assault on Hamburger Hill. Originally called the Ap Bia mountain, it was nicknamed Hamburger because of the meat grinder loss of human life to capture it. It was taken May 20th with the 11th assault.

1972 -On the Dick Cavett talk show rock star and peace activist John Lennon said his phone had been tapped by FBI. It turns out it was, but at the time we all thought he was just paranoid from too many drugs.

1981- The musical play CATS opened in London.

1981- Bob Marley died of brain cancer at age 36. Marley and his group the Wailers, made Jamaican Reggae mainstream in pop music.

1992- Elizabeth McDonald, inventor of the detergent cleanser Spic & Span, died at 98.
Yesterday’s Question: What is Ex-Post-Facto?

Answer: Ex Post Facto is a legal term that is Latin for after the fact. It means you cannot be accused of a crime by breaking a law which was passed after you did the crime.